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For sale!
Unusual Opportunity !! Route 66 

For sale! - Unusual Opportunity !There is approximately one half mile of original Route 66, "The Mother Road" located in Eastern Oklahoma county. It is privately owned and is for sale.

Yes, approximately 5.64 acres, or approximately 1/2 mile!
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Contact: Dale A. Liles
4605 N. Peniel, Bethany, OK 73008 E-mail:
Telephone: (405) 787-9556; Fax: (405) 495-1574


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Part of Original Old Route 66 Highway to be preserved
Oklahoma City, OK. All is not lost. At a time when more and more of America's original Old Route 66 is being lost to freeways, parking lots, and buildings at least one section of America's Mother Road will be preserved.

Approximately one half mile of the original Old Route 66 is, on private property east of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, owned by Dale A. Liles He has created a private historical site to preserve the road. Liles says he has personally traveled many miles on the old Route 66 in years past.

Liles says, "When I think of the courage, the character, the triumph, and the tragedy, that this stretch of concrete has seen, I refuse to let this piece of American history be lost."

"People traveled this highway at a time when the comforts and luxuries that we take for granted today were not yet even a dream. One can easily imagine the names of famous people, from Presidents to bandleaders, from famous gangsters to Hollywood stars, that may have stood on this very stretch of road many years ago."

Liles also says "Of course, we must never forget the courage, and determination, of those hardy souls for whom this road provided their escape from the "dustbowl." Books, movies, and TV series pay tribute to this road and those who traveled it. You can stand in the middle of the road and almost see the old cars where dreams were both born and shattered. A significant tribute was paid to America's Mother Road when a section of old Route 66 was donated to the Smithsonian Institute, preserving its place in our history.

Dale Liles owns approximately a half mile of the original road. We simply cannot stand by and see it destroyed, to be forever forgotten and lost.

This section of the original Route 66 intersects the North side of new Highway 66 East of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. It is approximately ½ mile in length and contains approximately 5.64 acres including highway right-of-way bordering the roadway.

We make no warranties or guarantee, expressed or implied, but believe this information is accurate. The conveyances described here are filed of record in Oklahoma County, Oklahoma.
By deed filed of record, dated January 31, 1980 The Department of Transportation of the State of Oklahoma conveyed to the prior owners an original section of Route 66 containing 5.64 acres more or less. Such conveyance was during the time when this section of roadway was being replaced by a new section of Highway 66 between Arcadia, Oklahoma and Luther, Oklahoma. The parcel crossed, a much larger parcel owned by the parties to whom the conveyance was made. Such deed is filed of record at book 4643, page 1591 in the records of Oklahoma County.

It was the intent of the property owners to promote the property by selling undivided interest, one square foot parcels, as both a profit making venture and a method to preserve this original section of Route 66. It is believed, although this has not been confirmed, that this may be the last remaining section of the original Route 66 in Oklahoma located on private property.

In 2001 the Route 66 property was acquired from the original owners by Dale A. Liles of Bethany, Oklahoma. It was the intent of Liles to undertake promotion of the roadway.

In 2004, being aware of Liles intent to promote the property on the internet by selling one square foot parcels at $66.00, ( approximately 280,000 sq. ft. available for sale) I acquired approximately 140,000 square feet, or approximately 3 acres of the Route 66 roadway from Liles. Due apparently to personal health concerns Liles has never undertaken promotion of the property.


Para vender!
Incomum oportunidade!
 aproximadamente meia milha da rota original de 66, "A Estrada Mãe", localizado ao leste do Condado de Oklahoma County.
Ela é propriedade privada e está à venda.
Sim, são cerca de 5,64 hectares, ou aproximadamente 1/2 milha!
São parcelas de um pé quadrado por US $ 66,00, são cerca de 280.000 pés quadrados disponíveis para venda.